Crew & Troupe Results 2022
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DEC Dance Competitions
Royals – 2nd Place U12 Jazz Troupes
Reign – 2nd Place 12+ Contemporary Troupes
Monarchy – 3rd Place 12+ Contemporary Troupes
Bzerk – 1st Place 12+ Hip Hop Groups
Villains – 2nd Place 12+ Hip Hop Groups
Microskope – 3rd Place 12+ Hip Hop Groups

Create the Bay Ribbon Comp
Royals – 1st Place Troupes U12
Microskope – 1st Place Novice Troupes 12+
Villains – 3rd Place Troupes 12+
Reign – 4th Place Troupes 12+
Bzerk – VHC Troupes 12+
Dynasty – HC Troupes 12+
Monarchy – C Troupes 12+

Velocity Dance Regionals
Royals – 2nd Place Mini/Junior Jazz
Bzerk – 1st Place Mini/Junior Hip Hop
Microskope – HM Mini/Junior Hip Hop
Villains – 2nd Place Intermediate/Senior Hip Hop
Dynasty – 2nd Place Intermediate/Senior Jazz
Monarchy – 1st Place Intermediate/Senior Contemporary

Tauranga PACS
Microskope – VHC Hip Hop U15
Villains – HC Hip Hop 15-25
Monarchy – VHC Contemporary 15-25
Reign – HC Contemporary 15-25

Eutopia Cheer & Dance
Royals – 3rd Place Youth Jazz
Bzerk – 2nd Place Youth Hip Hop
Microskope – 3rd Place Youth Novice Hip Hop
Villains – 5th Place Junior Hip Hop
Monarchy – 5th Place Junior Contemporary
Dynasty – 3rd Place Junior Jazz
Reign – 2nd Place Senior Open Dance

NZDA National Champs
Royals Jazz – 7th Place Junior Troupes

Project Hip Hop Competition
Microskope – 8th Place Novice Junior
Bzerk – 9th Place Open Junior
Villains – 9th Place Novice Varsity

NZDA Online Qualifiers
Royals Jazz – 2nd Place
Dynasty Jazz – Silver Grade
Monarchy Contemporary – Silver Grade
Reign Contemporary – Silver Grade

Gillian Moore School of Dance Competition
Royals Jazz – 1st Place
Dynasty Jazz – 4th Place
Monarchy Contemporary – 3rd Place
Reign Contemporary – 4th Place
Microskope Hip Hop – VHC
Villains Hip Hop – 3rd Place

Waihi Performing Arts Competition
Royals Jazz – 1st Place

Impact Tauranga Regionals
Royals Jazz – 1st Place & Mini Troupe Champions
Bzerk Hip Hop – 1st Place & Junior Troupe Champions
Villains Hip Hop – 1st Place & Intermediate Troupe Champions
Dynasty Jazz – 1st Place
Monarchy Contemporary – 1st Place
Microskope Hip Hop – 2nd Place
Reign Contemporary – 2nd Place

Upcoming Competitions

Launch Dance Competition – September 10th
Microskope, Bzerk, Dynasty, Monarchy & Reign

Velocity National Champs – October 14th-16th
Bzerk & Villains