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Hi, I’m Molly! I have had a passion and desire to dance ever since I was just three years old and I started out as a ballet, jazz and modern dancer! When I turned 8 I found hip hop/street dance and I fell in love with the music, diversity, attitude and style! I’d finally found a genre of dance that I could truly be myself with, I could be whoever and whatever I wanted, I could be girly, gangsta, fun – anything! After a while with an open mind and imagination I became more creative and began choreographing my own pieces, I LOVE to choreograph!

I moved to New Zealand 7 years ago from England and saw a completely new and different side of dance compared to what I had learnt in the UK which expanded my love of dance even more! New Zealand was a big move for us and we settled in Papamoa where I found a competitive dance crew! We competed in various hip-hop competitions around NZ and from these competitions I found an Auckland crew of women that amazed and inspired me to be able to dance like them one day! Request Dance Crew and The Royal Family was created by an amazing woman named Parris Goebel and my ambition from then on was to one day dance with them. After finishing school I auditioned for a mixed teens Royal Family Crew. To my surprise I was chosen out of the hundreds that auditioned, it was one of the happiest days of my life! While I was part of the crew I learnt so much – how to understand my body and push myself far beyond my limits. Our crew placed 1st in the Waikato regionals and 2nd in the NZ Hip Hop Championships!

Our next stop was the World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas but unfortunately, we were unable to raise the funds for our team to attend but I am inspired and really hoping to get one of our Rise Hip Hop Crews to Worlds. Rise! I feel so privileged to be working with Rise Dance Company! There is nothing more rewarding than being able to see students progressing from passing on your knowledge and passion for dance!


My dance journey began in Taupo when I was just six years old, where I went to ballet class in the local church hall and fell deeply in love with dance! Unfortunately, my mum and dad couldn’t sustain paying fees so I had to stop. However, my Grandad saw my love of dance and performance and alongside my sisters and youngest aunt, created a group called the Galaxy Girls! We would dance for local Church groups, and for rest homes and my grandad would compere! He even made tickets to our shows and would award us with certificates which we loved! Up until the end of high school, I would always dance and choreograph school productions, I immersed myself in as much dance as I possibly could! As I had such a passion for dancing I decided I would get a job so I could pay for my own dance tuition and that’s just what I did, going along to ballet and jazz classes. I even sat some dance exams and got to perform more!

Then, I discovered a full-time pre-tertiary dance training course run by a wonderful woman and dancer named Sheryl Robinson. Sheryl was classically and contemporary trained dancer at The NZ School of Dance, and sadly passed away in 2010. Sheryl saw my passion, nurtured it with everything she knew and prepared me to audition for the New Zealand School of Dance and Unitec. I was fortunate enough to be successful in both auditions and I was accepted into the NZ School of Dance, truly, to follow in Sheryl’s footsteps who had inspired me so much! I learnt a great deal there about myself and where I was headed career-wise deciding I wanted to teach dance. I lasted 1.5 years out of the three at NZSD, then headed back to Christchurch where I taught in many schools, freelanced, and worked every dancer job there is!

I have been in a cheerleading team for the Canterbury Crusaders, danced in five Bollywood films, danced for the Silver Ferns, performed in local contemporary dance collectives, competed in competitions in South Africa and more! I have been really lucky to have such a vivid dance journey and I am extremely excited to share the next steps of it with students at Rise Dance! Dance has and always will be my number one passion! My other number one passion is helping other dancers understand their potential and watching them grow into confident artists with their own story, just like me!


I began ballet at four years old and jazz at 8. I had a personality that leant towards being ‘shy’ and dancing in front of anyone freaked me out. Thanks to the firm but an encouraging push from my mother who saw potential in me, I kept going! Fast forward a few years and I was a different child, I gained confidence and a passion for dance which made me come alive! I loved the challenge of learning new movements as I got older and particularly enjoyed the end of year dance shows! I completed Advanced and a Solo Performance Diploma in NZAMD Jazz in my late teen years while teaching dance in Papamoa/Te Puke. I also trained in contemporary dance at Dance Education Centre and I fell in love with this style.

I later went on to many different travel/work adventures around the world where I eventually realised I missed dance way too much, which resulted in a desire to pick up adult classes here in Tauranga. Thanks to the encouragement and guidance from my ballet teacher I recently completed a Diploma in Vocational Graded Examination in Dance: RAD Advanced 2 Ballet. I could hardly believe I was back en pointe all those years later but I am proof that if you work hard and believe in yourself, you can do anything you set your mind too!

I’m a true believer that you’re never too old to dance or start dancing! I have been privileged to have been exposed to a variety of different dance styles, in choreographing, teaching and performing! I love being on stage and communicating more than just movements when I dance. Dance is really powerful and I love watching people come alive when they dance! I can’t wait for another year here at Rise Dance!


With 10 years experience as a freelance dance teacher, I have found myself connecting and interacting with people from all walks of life. My journey thus far has been varied but I consider dance a grounding point & have gained a clearer, stronger energy and renewed approach since coming back to it.

I started my classical training at the tender age of 4 and over time developed a love and passion for numerous styles. My training includes Ballet, Modern dance, American jazz, Contemporary & Hip Hop.
I have been a part of various performance groups and companies over the years – these are as follows: Paul Kelly Dancers (Crusader Cheerleaders) – dancer 2004 & 05, choreographer 2007 & 08, Zion Dance Crew, Swarm Dance Crew (original member), Chant et Danse (cabaret company), Hip Hop Nation 2009 & The Dynasty Dancers 2010-12.

With having founded ‘The Dynasty Dancers’ in 2010 and being Creative Director of this all female performance group – I feel a sense of pride in knowing what we achieved. Our hard work and passion enabled us to create ample opportunities for ourselves as a team and for the wider community!

I have taught for numerous schools, studios and companies throughout the Canterbury region and in Australia. I believe that teaching isn’t JUST about dance and I realise the importance movement has for our health and wellbeing. If I can connect with and help to improve just one student’s way of life through dance then I’m happy! I feel grateful always for the opportunities I’ve been given through this platform and I aim to give back by sharing my knowledge, passion and energy with others.

I’m excited to be moving to such a beautiful part of this country to join the Rise Dance family and I so look forward to meeting you all in 2019!


My passion for dance began in 2014 when I attended my first Hip Hop classes. After up-skilling through these classes, I gained the confidence to attend auditions and was selected for my first competition crew in 2015! Since then, I have continued to grow through classes, competitions and workshops. These experiences have given me the skills and knowledge that have allowed me to compete in many Hip Hop competitions, both Nationally and Internationally. I now look forward to sharing the experience I’ve gained by creating fun and challenging Hip Hop classes to inspire young, upcoming dancers at Rise!


Dance for me has always been this release of expressivity, fun and passion; it is a way to say things when sometimes you don’t really know how to otherwise. I spent my early years attending jazz, tap, hip-hop and gymnastics classes and loved the confidence it gave me as a young girl. Upon moving to Tauranga I got to know Carla and Teejay at Zumba (previous owners of Rise), I shared my experience and joy for dance and was taken on board as a teacher for Acro at Rise in 2016. My life outside of dance is in the health and wellness sector, I will graduate December 2018 with a Degree in Sport and Recreation. I work two other jobs delivering fitness and wellness programmes to individuals from all kinds of backgrounds and I am humbled and overjoyed when I see people accomplish things that they never thought possible. My knowledge and experience in this field can be transferable to dance via strength and conditioning, injury prevention and nutritional advice for young athletes (dancers are athletes too). I love to see the students at Rise go through a journey of self-discovery as they mature their dance practise, as well as developing life skills such as determination, dedication, patience and kindness for one another and themselves. Dance is such a beautiful gift that I hold so dearly in my life, it has helped me through many hard times and I feel so fortunate that I get to share it with others every single day.
See you at classes soon.
xx Jen xx