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Bay Of Plenty Performing Arts

Bay of Plenty Performing Arts is a dance studio situated in the heart of Mt Maunganui, and Papamoa. We are more than a dance studio, we are a family. Our focus is on providing excellent customer service and dance training and providing our families with a dance experience like no other. We support all of our dancers, no matter what stage of their dance journey they are at and give them the tools they need to grow as a dancer and human being.

BoPPA families have full access to all BoPPA and Rise Dance classes. Uniforms can be purchased from our office for exam classes.

Hip-hop involves a wide range of styles but is characterised by isolations (moving a certain body part independently from others), breaking, locking & popping. What distinguishes hip-hop dance from other forms of dance is that it is often freestyle (improvisational) in nature and hip-hop dance crews often engage in freestyle dance competitions, colloquially referred to as battles. Crews, freestyling, and battles are identifiers of this style.Hip Hop is a lot more relaxed and open to interpretation than Ballet or Jazz and emphasis is placed on more on musicality than technique – how you ‘feel’ or interpret the music. Hip hop is an entertaining and often humorous dance form set to current music (always age appropriate at Rise Dance Co).

Little Hoppers

This class comprises beginning instruction in jazz, Hip Hop and Acro dance  so that by the end of the year the favoured style will be clear and the basics for all will have been learnt.  The focus will still very much be on having fun with dance and at the same time gaining confidence and body awareness. 


Mount 2020 Term 1 Hip Hop Classes

Papamoa 2020 Term 1 Hip Hop Classes

Jazz dancing is fast paced but its movements are still soft.  Dancers are taught to be graceful but at the same time move energetically and with expression. 

Our Jazz classes combines modern Jazz technique taught with today’s popular music. 

Exam Options: Rise offer exams to students if they wish to test out their skills in a fun and encouraging exam environment. Extra costs apply to sit exam and a uniform will be required if students wish to sit an exam.

Mount 2020 Term 1 Jazz Classes

Papamoa 2020 Term 1 Jazz Classes

These acro classes are for dance students wanting to learn acrobatic/gymnastics tricks.  When combined with techniques learnt in regular dance classes students are able to blend dance and acrobatics (think Cirque du Soleil).

Our aim is to get students in this class into good physical condition as acro dance is the most physically demanding dance style we offer.  The emphasis will be on flexibility, strength, balance and endurance exercises

NB: Advanced Acro is available at our Mount Studio – See Mount timetable for info.

Mount 2020 Term 1 Acro Classes

Papamoa 2020 Term 1 Acro Classes

Mount 2020 Term 1 Tap Classes

Papamoa 2020 Term 1 Tap Classes

Contemporary dance is not so much a specific dance technique as it is a compilation of different techniques.
Contemporary dance involves integrating the mind/body connection with dance movements.

There is an emotional connection to this style of dance and it is often quite deep and dramatic set to slower music. There is a lot of floor work in contemporary.

Ballet emphasises a uniform look with perfect lines whereas contemporary is more open to interpretation with the dancer using gravity to pull them down, closer to floor level. 

Mount 2020 Term 1 Contemporary Classes

Papamoa 2020 Term 1 Contemporary Classes

ATOD Syllabus Ballet Classes with highly skilled Ballet teachers,  offering examinations to students whom wish to experience a positive and encouraging exam environment.

Ballet students are required to wear a uniform to class and for sitting examinations.Ballet shoes are also required, depending on what grade they are sitting the ballet shoe type varies. Examination costs are additional to the term fee.

To select your ballet class for enrolment , go by the dancers current age . If dancers need to be moved up or down levels we will advise on this once they have been assessed by the teacher of their abilities. 

Mount 2020 Term 1 Ballet Classes

Papamoa 2020 Term 1 Ballet Classes

Little Groovers : 

For pre-schoolers aged 3&4. This dance class incorporates lots of props & costumes. Introduction to many dance styles – ballet, jazz & urban. Fun filled class with stimulating music from around the globe.Not a traditional ballet class, but a class incorporating of a fun mix of dance genres for your little one to experience.

Babyballet® Classes: 

babyballet® is the World’s Leading Preschool Programme! Each class is delivered with an ideal mix of dance and fun and is the perfect introduction to dance. Not only do the classes teach the girls and boys coordination, songs and fun dance moves but they teach them patience and the importance of sharing while capturing their imagination. babyballet® involves the whole family as mummy and/or daddy have lots of fun joining in too and it is a lovely opportunity to meet other mums and dads and make new friends. Our babyballet® teachers can adapt their dance classes to fit each individual child’s needs.

18 Months – 3 Years:

The babyballet® Tinies class introduces little ones to the basics of ballet using movement, play and song.

babyballet® Tinies develop their physical and communication skills in this fun-filled, lively environment. Parents are very much involved, as the children learn to move in time to the music whilst stimulating their imaginations and learning to count through song.

3-4 Years:

The babyballet® Movers class encourages preschool children to combine their imaginations with dance using movement and song.

The preschool years are crucial in your little one’s development. Our Movers class focuses on the further physical development of your child through dance, in combination with the use of imaginative storytelling. The Movers class is more than just dancing – it also gives children the chance to learn valuable skills by responding positively to both the teacher and the other children in the class.


Mount 2020 Term 1 Pre-School Classes

Papamoa 2020 Term 1 PreSchool Classes

2020 All Mount Term 1 Classes

2020 All Papamoa Term 1 Classes