Introducing CheerSPORT
 CheerSPORT introduces athletes to the super FUN world of cheerleading , with a less competitive nature of competitions. We take acrobatics, gymnastics, dance and lifts and turn it into a 1min 30 routine. CheerSPORT teams are the best introduction to competitive cheerleading allowing athletes to work their way through Grades 1-6, learn routines and perform at one competition, all whilst maintaining a balance of fun.



CheerSPORT Classes

About CheerSPORT


We love the sport of cheerleading and are super passionate about empowering young people to be confident, self motivated, successful young adults.
In line with our ethos as Rise Dance, We use positive coaching to shape and develop happier healthier children.
We provide a fun, safe environment which celebrates mistakes and failures as learning opportunities. We build resilience by teaching how to cope with failures, we teach perseverance through the value of hard work and we teach optimism by focusing on the small wins and looking for the positive in every situation.


Learn to work as a part of a team towards common goals. Routines are made up of dance, lifts, motions and cheer. CheerSPORT teams experience the excitement of competition once per year (held in Auckland) and are a part of our Rise Dance Showcase.

COST: $135 per term

ADDITIONAL COST: $90 for competition uniform
COMMITMENT: 1x 1hr class per week and 1 Auckland Comp in Nov
AGE RANGES: 5-8yrs ,9-12 years