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Term Fees Policies and Procedures
Refund and Cancellation Policy
Payment options
Penalty Fees
Class Attendance and Behaviour
Annual Shows
Costume Policy for annual shows
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Communication Policy
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Term Fees Policies and Procedures

  • Term fees are due and payable in full prior to the beginning of each new term.
  • We do not accept part payment or operate payment plans.
  • If a roll fills up, we reserve the right to ask for immediate payment to secure your place.  If payment is not received, we will give your place to someone on the waiting list.
  • Our classes commence in the FIRST week of the school term and run for 9 weeks.

 Fees for 2019 (per 9 week term):  
‘School’ classes:  $88
‘Public’ classes:
Under 5 year olds classes – $100 for 9 weeks
All other classes of 40 or 45 minutes duration – $108 for 9 weeks
Classes of one hour duration – $133 for 9 weeks
Classes of one & a quarter hours duration- $163 for 9 weeks
Classes of one & a half hours duration- $188 for 9 weeks

  • All fees are fixed and remain payable in cases of absence. There are no reductions or refunds for sickness.
  • All statutory holidays and school holidays are observed in calculating the fee structure.
  • Fees are structured on a term by term basis.
  • Failure to pay fees may result in the loss of the student’s enrollment position and penalty fees added as detailed below in ‘Penalty fees’. 

 Refund & Cancellation Policy

  • Rise Dance Co will refund in full all payments made by the student if the selected class is cancelled by Rise Dance Co.
  • Once the term has started the refund is at the discretion of the director of Rise Dance Co.  The refund will be for the remaining classes (those not yet attended) less a 20% administration fee.

 Payment Options

 Payment can be made as follows:

  • Internet banking into ANZ Account ‘Rise Dance’: 06-0379-0255656-00
  • Cash or EFTPOS at ‘Rise Dance Co’  by appointment only. Please call to arrange a time on 07 573 3300 
  • Credit card payments can be made through your parent portal or call us on 07 573 3300 to make a payment. (please note NO credit card fees apply and is all secured by our payment processor Safesave). 
  • Please note the dance teachers cannot accept payments.

 Penalty fees

  • If payment has not been received by the 4 week of the term we will add an additional 10% to the full term fee.
  • If payment is not received by the final day of our dance term Baycorp Collection Agency will be enlisted to collect payment.  This may affect your credit rating and purchases for the next 5 years.
  • Although our teaching philosophy is relaxed, our payment philosophy is not.  We take it very seriously and treat non-payment as theft.  Please do not enrol if you cannot pay the fees.

 Class Attendance and Behaviour

  • Enrolment with Rise Dance Co not only teaches dance but also provides a positive lesson in commitment. Support from both the teachers and the parents/guardians is necessary to assist in developing this commitment.
  • Regular class attendance is vital for students to develop and progress.
  • Students must be punctual to class as a full warm up is essential and late comers are distracting.
  • Rise Dance Co strives to maintain a friendly environment in which to learn. However, if you have any concerns they should be directed to the office or communicated by way of email to .
  • During class students are expected to listen and show respect to their peers and teachers.  Rise Dance Co reserves the right to disallow disruptive students the opportunity to participate in the class.
  • Rise Dance Co reserves the right to expel any student for bullying, swearing, disrespectful behaviour and/or breaches of any of the stated Terms & Conditions.  The decision is at the sole discretion of the Director.
  • No food is permitted in the studios. 
  • Chewing and bubble gum is strictly forbidden.
  • Noise outside the dance studios and in any waiting areas must be kept to a minimum as excess noise can impede both teachers and students’ concentration.
  • You don’t need to let us know if you/your child will be away for a class.  Please just let us know if they will be away for 3 weeks or longer (broken arm etc).


  • There is no specific uniform requirement for Rise Dance Co.  Jazz shoes for jazz lessons are highly recommended to protect the feet and assist with ease of movement on the floor surface.  Please note jazz shoes are compulsory for the end of year shows. 
  • Students may wear bare fee or soft flexible shoes.  No black soled shoes are allowed (with the exception of ballet and jazz shoes).  Any student wearing black soled shoes will be asked to remove them.
  • Please ensure all student belongings are named.

 Annual Shows

  • All students over 5 years of age enrolled at Rise Dance Co are invited to dance in our annual performances which take place in late November or early December of each year.
  • Each student participating in the performances is required to attend extra rehearsals and all performances they are allocated to perform in.
  • All recordings (including video, DVD, photographic, sound etc) and photography of the show is prohibited due to various copyright laws.  The annual performance is recorded and a professional performance DVD and photographs are available for purchase direct from the outsourced contractor.
  • Performance tickets are an additional cost and are available for purchase from approximately the end of October each year. You will be notified when these become available.
  • If a student has completed their performance and wishes to view the rest of the performance, they must have purchased a ticket due to the regulations set out by the Bethlehem Performing Arts Centre or Baycourt.

 Costume Policy for annual shows

  • Each student will be required to purchase and is responsible for the cost of, a costume per dance item in which they feature.  Hip Hop costumes are $50 (GST inclusive). Acro, Contemporary and Jazz costumes are $60 (GST inclusive).  You will be billed for your costumes at the beginning of Term 3 with your Term 3 dance fees to enable costumes to be made or purchased in time for the shows in Term 4. If you are not participating in the show you must let us know before the end of Week 2 Term 3. After this date if you have not already informed us that you will not be dancing in the show, you will still be required to pay for your costume and can, of course, can keep it. 
  • A portion of the costume fee goes towards extras we provide/purchase such as -accessories, makeup, hair spray and clips, baby wipes, disinfectant etc required for the show (hair & make-up is done by us). (Accessories remain the property of Rise Dance Co).
  • Both the term fee and costume fee must be received in full before the costume is released to the student.
  • After the shows the costume will then become and remain the property of the student.

 Choreography and Music

  • Choreography for classes, examinations and performances remains the sole property of Rise Dance Co,
  • Choreography must not be copied or used without prior permission from Rise Dance Co.
  • Rise Dance Co is licensed with APRA for the use of music for teaching and performance purposes.

 Photography & Videoing of Students

  • Photography or videoing of students in class is only allowed with the permission of the parent/guardians of the other student’s and the approval from Rise Dance Co.
  • Any photos or video footage taken by Rise Dance Co will only be used for dance practice purposes or advertising purposes.
  • Flash photography or videoing of students during the end of year annual performance is not permitted.


  •  Rise Dance Co merchandise is available to purchase at Rise Dance Co by appointment (please call us on 07 573 3300 to make an appointment) or by pop up shops (see our newsletters/facebook for dates) 

 Communication Policy

  • It is the responsibility of all parents and students to read emailed newsletters.  Please note we do not provide printed copies of newsletters.
  • If you have not received our newsletter via email, please check your junk inbox, you may need to make us a safe sender. 
  • A copy of the newsletters will also be available at http://risedance.nz/staging/news-read-latest-newsletters/dance-newsletter
  • Any changes to personal details (email address, phone numbers, address etc) should be immediately updated through your parent portal login on the Rise Dance Co website to ensure our records are kept up to date.
  • If you are experiencing difficulties getting emails please contact Rise Dance Co by phone or email.
  • Please do not converse with dance teachers during or between class times as they need to concentrate on their job and provide uninterrupted attention to their students. 

Safety and Injury Policy

  • While Rise Dance Co takes all reasonable care in the conduct of its classes, it accepts no responsibility for injury or loss caused during class or while students are near Rise Dance Co classes. This applies to any Rise Dance Co related company, contractors or employees of Rise Dance Co.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring that their child/ren are physically and medically fit for the class.
  • By agreeing to our terms and conditions you accept that Rise Dance Co teachers will need to make physical contact with the participants so as to correct or assist with their posture, alignment and dance techniques.
  • Rise Dance Co aims to provide a safe environment to reduce the risk of injury. However, dance is not without its risks and it should be recognised by all students, parents/guardians that participating in dance classes may result in personal injury.
  • Rise Dance Co provides qualified and/or experienced and well-trained dance teachers, who actively promote safe dance practice.  However, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure they follow safe dance practice instruction given by their dance teacher at all times to avoid injury.  At all times during class, you are responsible for your personal safety and must not conduct yourself in such a way as to put others at risk.
  • Dance is a physical form of exercise; therefore it may be necessary for the teacher to engage in appropriate physical contact to enable correct posture, body alignment or to administer first aid.
  • Students are to bring their drink in a bottle for each class.
  • A first aid kit is kept on the premises and is available for any student to use with the permission of the teacher.
  • Running on the premises is strictly prohibited.
  • Rise Dance Co students are under supervision whilst in class time only. Teachers and staff are not responsible for students outside their allocated class time or in the waiting room or outside the dance studio.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure their child waits for them in a safe place after lessons have finished.
  • Rise Dance Co is a non-smoking environment.

 Class Viewing Policy

  • Preschool classes are the only classes parents/guardians may stay to observe.
  • The only exception to the policy above is in special circumstances and only as previously discussed and mutually agreed with the dance teacher.
  • Week 6 of term 1, 2 and 3 is the open week where parents are invited to observe any class.


  • Any photography or video footage of any costumes or dances choreographed within Rise Dance Co can be used for promotional or advertising purposes but remains the sole property of Rise Dance Co.

 Concerns or Complaints

  •  We value your opinion and hope to make you and your child’s involvement with Rise Dance Co as enjoyable as possible. If you wish to speak to us about any concerns please feel free to contact us at the office via phone or email.

        Please do not speak to the dance teacher directly; all enquiries need to be directed to our office.

  • If you are not happy with the service you have received or the behaviour or attitude of any staff member please tell us as we may be unaware there is an issue.

 Privacy Act & Privacy Policy 

 To ensure we have all relevant personal details about our students, we will collect and keep information about you from time to time.

  • This information includes the information you provide on your enrolment form and updates you may provide us with.
  • You need to ensure that the information you give us is true, correct and complete.
  • Under the Privacy Act 1993 you are entitled to have access to, and request correction of this information. 
  • Please note we do operate CCTV in some of our studios for safety purposes. All recordings will remain private and confidential property of Rise Dance Company.


  • All goods ordered on-line will be dispatched within 3 business days from receipt of order.
  • We offer an exchange if the Rise Dance Co merchandise items or items still with the tags attached are returned unworn within 30 days of the purchase date.  We do not refund for change of mind so please choose carefully.
  • Should the goods be in any way defective we will repair, replace or refund in line with the Fair Trading Act. 
  • Items should be returned in their original packaging to ensure they are adequately protected in transit. We recommend all shoes should be tried on a carpeted surface just in case the size is wrong and you have to return for an exchange.
  • Naturally, any returns that are damaged in anyway may not be accepted and may be sent back to you. We will cover the shipping costs of your replacement the first time, we do however ask you pay for the return shipping costs of your exchangeable items.
  • Use of www.nzdancewear.com : You may not download, modify, transmit, or use any material from the service for public or commercial purposes without prior consent. You agree not to disrupt, modify or interfere with the Service or its associated software, hardware and servers in any way, and you agree not to impede or interfere with others use of the Service. You further agree not to alter or tamper with any information or materials on, or associated with, NZ Dancewear or Rise Dance Co and/or the service.