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Enrolment Policy
Rise Dance Company – Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to the Rise Dance Company (“Rise”) online enrolment form you have completed, you are deemed to have agreed and accepted these terms and conditions of enrolment (“Terms”):

  1. Enrolment Policies

(a) All Rise classes have a maximum capacity of student numbers for health and safety reasons.
(b) Enrolment to a class is on a first come first serve basis. If you miss an intake to a class a waiting list is available.
(c) Rise classes commence on the first week of each school term and run for the period that aligns to the school term, depending on the relevant term (an “Enrolment Term”).  There is a minimum of 36 weeks per year divided over the four terms.
(d) Students shall be automatically re-enrolled for the following Enrolment Term for classes they are currently enrolled in for any Enrolment Term.  If a student does not wish to attend a class for the following Enrolment Term, written notice must be provided in accordance with clause 1(e). If a student does not provide the required notice, you will be liable for full payment of the fees for the relevant Enrolment Term in accordance with clauses 2 and 3.
(e) If at any time a student wishes to terminate his/her/there enrolment for any class, written notice must be provided to Rise at the following email address: admin@risedance.nz  For avoidance of doubt, verbal cancellation will not be accepted.

(f) Teachers are not fixed to a class and can be moved from term to term.  In the case that a teacher can not complete a full term then written notice will be sent to enrolled students.  Refunds will not be given to for any teacher change.

(g) Students must enrol and pay for all classes before they attend classes.  Any student that arrives at class that is unenrolled, contact information is required and management will make contact to complete your enrolment and payment.


  1. Fee Policies

(a) Enrolment Term fees are payable in the week before each term in accordance with clause 3(d).
 (b) Full payment of Enrolment Term fees are due regardless of whether or not the student attends classes.
(c) Rise does not accept part payment of fees except in accordance with clause 5(a)(iv).
(d) Failure to make payment as noted in clause 2(c) within 3 days of receipt of the payment request means Rise shall be able to forfeit the student’s place in the intending class.

  1. Fees

(a) The following fees are inclusive of GST, are currently applicable for an Enrolment Term and are the total fees for each Enrolment Term:

(i) “Schoolz” classes are $105;
(ii) Public classes:

(1) “Pre Schoolz” classes $90;
(2) All classes of 45 minute duration $130;
(3) All classes of 1 hour duration $160;

(b) For the avoidance of doubt, the fees noted at clauses 3(a)(i) and (ii) are based on a minimum number of 36 per year divided by four terms, to take into account any consideration for a statutory holiday.
(c) Fees are:
(i) not refundable for missed classes; and
(ii) not reduced or refunded for sickness, holidays or any other reason of non attendance.
(d) Fees will be automatically deducted in full prior to week one of each term from the credit card or bank account that is loaded onto the Rise Dance Parent Portal.  Part payments can only be made using Genoapay as per clause 4(a iv). Failure to pay the fees as per clause 2(a) may result in the loss of the student’s enrolment and penalty charges as noted at clause 3(e).
(e) If fee payment is not received by the end of week 2 of an Enrolment Term, you acknowledge and agree that Rise will add a $15 penalty fee to the full Enrolment Term fee payable.
(f) If fees remain unpaid at the end of an Enrolment Term, Rise may in its sole discretion:
(i) exclude students from annual performances; and
(ii) engage a debt collection agency to recover the fees. You will be liable for any additional costs associated with the debt collection and recovery.
(g) Rise may, at its sole discretion amend the fees set out at 3(a), and the new fees shall apply from the start of the next Enrolment Term. Rise shall notify you 4 weeks before the start of next Enrolment Term if there are any changes to the fees.



  1. Payment Options

(a) Payment of the fees can be made via the following options:
(i) Credit card or Bank Account (ECHECK/Bank Draft) details provided each year through the Rise Dance parent portal on the Rise website at the time of registration.  All credit card and Bank Account payments are made via Rise’s payment processor and processing fees will apply. For avoidance of doubt, Rise does not store any credit account details provided, these are stored securely by Stipe.
(ii)   Genoapay is available for progress payments. You will not be able to register your child automatically through the Rise parent portal.  Manual registration will need to be made once the payment from Genopay has been received by Rise.  You will need to create a Genoapay account and provide your credit or debit card details directly to Genoapay and activate your plan. If you select this payment option, you must notify Rise and provide your Genoa account details required by Rise to charge your Genoapay account. Email kylie@risedance.nz to set up a Genoapay payment. Rise will add the fees owing to your Genoa account and you must accept these. Once your payment has been approved then your child will be manually added to the class and your parent portal will be manually credited and appropriate receipt provided.

(iii) Fees;

Credit Card – Visa: 3.45% of transaction; Mastercard: 3.45% of transaction;  Transaction Fee : $0.82 per transaction;

Rejection Fee (if transactions are declined):$5.75 per declined transaction

Bank Account – $1.15 per transaction;

Genoapay – MS Fee: 4.5% per transaction; TX Fee: $0.15 per transaction;
(b) For the avoidance of doubt, dance teachers and administration staff are not able to accept fee payments.

(c) Cash will not be accepted.

  1. Trial Students

(a) Rise does not offer trial classes free of charge.
(b) If a student wishes to try any classes, Please register via logging into the parent portal and registering for the class.  You will be billed accordingly for the classes you are enrolling in. You have until the end of week two (2) of the current term to email admin@risedance.nz title “Removal from Class” to notify that you do not wish to continue with any class and we will pro rate the fees accordingly. Non-attendance for classes you have booked to trial will still incur a charge until we are notified otherwise of your intentions. Please refer to our refund policy.
(c) The student may attend classes in accordance with 6(b) provided that the student:
(i) registers to attend the class prior to attendance; and
(ii) makes payment to Rise for all classes that are being trialled (including GST).



  1. Refund and Cancellation Policy

(a) Subject to clauses 4(b) and (c), Rise will not give a refund in any circumstances, including, without limitation:

(i) Absences from classes due to illness, injury or personal circumstances.
(ii) Classes missed due to a change in mind.
(iii) Classes missed due to holidays.
(iv) Classes missed due to public holidays.
(v) Cancellation of enrolment by the student.
(vi) Classes missed due to natural disaster.
(vii) Classes missed due to a government mandate which prohibits the operation of Rise Dance Company

(viii) Classes where the teacher is changed during and between each term.

(b) If a student’s enrolment is cancelled prior to the end of week two (2) of an Enrolment Term Rise will refund the fees paid by the student, less a proportionate cost for any classes attended by the student and a $15.00 administration fee, provided that the student has notified Rise of the cancellation in accordance with clause 1(e).
(c) If Rise cancels a class once an Enrolment Term has begun, Rise will refund the fees received less a proportionate cost for the classes that have taken place during the Enrolment Term prior to cancellation. 

  1. Teachers, Health, Safety, Injury and Medical Policies and Procedures

(a) While Rise takes all reasonable care in the conduct of its classes, it or any Rise related company, contractor or employee of Rise, does not:
(i) accept responsibility for personal injury or loss caused during a class or while students are at the Rise premises.
(ii) accept responsibility for any loss of, or damage to, personal property whilst on the Rise premises.
(b) Rise aims to provide a safe environment to reduce the risk of injury. However, it is acknowledged by the student and the parent/caregiver that dance by its nature carries a risk of accident or injury.
(c) It is the responsibility of the student or parent/caregiver to notify the teacher in the event of an injury, Allergy or medical condition prior to class. Students and parents/caregivers are responsible to ensure that their child/ren are physically and mentally fit to attend a class.
(d) The student and parent/caregiver acknowledge, agree and accept that teachers will need to make physical contact with the students to correct or assist with posture, alignment and dance techniques.
(e) Rise provides teachers that actively promote safe dance practices and are qualified and/or experienced and well trained in dance. However, it remains the student’s responsibility to ensure that they follow safe practices to avoid injury. At all times during a class students are responsible for their own personal safety and must conduct themselves in a way that does not put themselves or others at risk.
(f) A first aid kit is available to any student with permission from the teacher. Rise does not dispense Panadol, pain relief or medication to any of the students.
(g) Rise students are only under supervision whilst in class time only. Teachers and staff will not be responsible for students outside their allocated class time and children in waiting areas must be supervised at all times. For safety reasons, students must be collected from inside the Rise premises or under cover at our Tauranga studio. It is the responsibility of the parent/caregiver to ensure their child/ren do not wait outside or away from the building. If a parent/caregiver is more than 10 minutes late in collecting their child/ren from a final class of the evening and Rise is required to keep the premises open, Rise will be entitled to charge a late pick up fee of $10 per 5 minute time slot.
(h) Running in the Rise premises is strictly forbidden.
(i) Rise reserves the right to substitute teachers at any time and is not required to provide notice of such substitution.

(i) Teachers are not assigned to specific classes and can be transferred to a different class at the end of the term.  If a teacher is sick, injured, resigns or employment is terminated during a term then notification will be sent to all families enrolled in the class affected.

  1. Class Viewing Policy

(a) All classes, with the exception of preschool classes, are closed classes and parent/caregivers are not permitted to stay and observe.
(b) Under special circumstances a parent/caregiver may stay and observe a class when it has prearranged and mutually agreed this with the dance teacher.
(c) Parents and caregivers are invited to observe the last 15 minutes of any class during week 10 of Enrolment Terms 1 and 2.

  1. Privacy Act and Privacy Policy

(a) To ensure we have all relevant personal details about our students, we will collect and keep information about you from time to time.
(b) This information includes the information you provide on your enrolment form and updates you may provide us with.
(c) You need to ensure that the information you give us is true, correct and complete.
(d) Under the Privacy Act 1993 you are entitled to have access to, and request correction of this information.
(e) Please note we do operate CCTV in some of our studios for safety purposes. All recordings will remain private and confidential property of Rise.



  1. Communication Policy

(a) For the purposes of the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 you consent to receive communication from Rise.
(b) It is the responsibility of all parents and students to read emailed newsletters. Please note we do not provide printed copies of newsletters.
(c) If you have not received our newsletter via email, please check your junk inbox, you may need to make us a safe sender.
(d) Any changes to personal details (email address, phone numbers, address etc) should be immediately updated through your parent portal login on the Rise website to ensure our records are kept up to date.
(e) If you are experiencing difficulties getting emails please contact Rise email admin@risedance.nz.
(f) Please do not converse with dance teachers during or between class times as they need to concentrate on their job and provide uninterrupted attention to their students.

  1. Uniform Policy

(a) Uniform is compulsory for Ballet and Jazz classes and must be worn by the third class students attend.  All uniform items are available on our website www.risedance.nz through Shopify.

(b) If uniform is not worn after this time, students can be denied entry into the class. (c) Continually attending class not in uniform could jeopardise your place in your class.

(d) Correct uniform must be worn for each genre – i.e. students are not allowed to wear jazz uniform in a hip-hop class

  1. Crews and Troupes

For more information refer to www.risedance.nz crew page.

(a) Crews and Troupes are by audition or invite only.

(b) Crew and Troupe term fees are not included in the unlimited payment scheme.

(c) Crews and Troupes are often required for extra weekend/holiday rehearsals or events.




  1. Exam Policy

(a) No student is guaranteed a place in an exam.

(b) A nomination for an exam is based on the assumption that the student will fully commit to exam preparation.

(c) If classes are missed this could jeopardise a student’s place in an exam.

(d) Students can be pulled out of an exam at any time at their teachers’ discretion, this is a last resort and parents will be alerted to this possibility before a decision is made.

(e) Certain syllabus classes require a minimum number of classes that must be attended (Grade 1 Ballet and above, Development 1 Jazz and above) Exam entries will charged via the Rise Dance Parents Portal onto the nominiate payment option credit card or bank account..

(f) Every student should have their correct exam uniform appropriate to their level from the beginning of the year.

  1. Show Policy

(a) Taking part in the end of year show is not compulsory although is highly recommended as it is the highlight of the year. 

(b) Dancers who attend in Term 2 & 3 who confirm to preforming in the show will commit to dancing in the show and there will be no refund for costumes that have been ordered but not used.

(c) A show costume fee will be split between your term 2  and 3 fees. This fee is incurred per dance that the student participates in. This fee will be for either a hireage costume (hire fee only – not kept by dancer after the show) or a costume which is purchased (full price of costume, exchange rates and shipping – kept by dancer after the show).

(d) A show participation fee per family will be included in your term 3 fees – included in this fee is a free copy of the show.

(e) Attendance at show rehearsals is compulsory if performing in the show.

(f) During the show period, studio rehearsals and theatre week, some classes will not operate and communication will be sent out to dancers. 

(g) If classes are missed during show preparation (term 2 & 3) this could jeopardise your place in your show dance. Please be clear with your teacher if you are unable to attend classes for any reason.



  1. Waiver & Photography

I hereby waive and release Rise Dance Company , their organisers, contractors, employees and sponsors ,from all claims of damage arising from participation in classes and performances, including and without limitation to personals injury and death.
My clicking of acceptance of this waiver certifies that I have read and understood Rise Dance Company’s terms and conditions and agree to abide by Rise Dance Company’s rules and release the same from liability.

Photography and Video Policies

(a) Photography and videoing of students in class and concerts is not permitted. This is for the safety and wellbeing of each student and to comply with the Privacy Act 1993 regulations.
(b) Images or video footage of students taken by Rise may be used for marketing and website purposes and remains the sole property of Rise. Please make Rise aware if you do not wish for your child to appear in any marketing or promotional photos.
(c) Any footage of any choreography taken by a parent/caregiver or student remains the property of Rise.